Naturaliste University of the Third Age Inc (Naturaliste U3A)

Membership Terms and Conditions

Naturaliste University of the Third Age is a volunteer association that is built upon the contributions of its members

The following terms and conditions cover a member’s use and access to Naturaliste U3A courses, workshops, newsletter (The Crier) Topical Talks and website.

Naturaliste U3A operates within the Model Rules adopted by Naturaliste U3A, which includes the rules of the organisation and its objectives. By joining, members agree to these rules and aims.

As a Member you accept the following responsibilities:

  • Work cooperatively with other members.
  • Value what each member contributes to the association.
  • Display respect, courtesy and consideration to everyone you deal with as a member.
  • Avoid all forms of discriminatory behaviour.
  • Participate safely in each class or activity and abide by any reasonable prerequisites specified by the leader.
  • Observe confidentiality of members’ personal information.
  • Ensure that emergency contact details are provided to Naturaliste U3A and that membership information is current.
  • Before enrolling in courses make sure the leader is aware of any special assistance you may require.
  • Act responsibly so that the reputation of our association is maintained.
  • Refrain from promoting personal business or causes.
  • Help Leaders resolve any disputes (as quickly and as informally as possible).
  • Use Naturaliste U3A Inc resources appropriately, as intended, noting that all our funds come from membership fees.
  • Ensure any advertising of Naturaliste U3A courses (other than by word of mouth) is directed through the Naturaliste U3A Committee.