New ‘Deferred Enrolment’ Procedure for 2020. In order to provide a smoother and streamlined course enrolment process for members, a small number of courses will be subject to a new procedure called ‘deferred enrolment’.

Courses in this ‘deferred enrolment’ category will have the ‘Maximum Enrolments’ attribute set to 0.This means that everyone who enrols in the course will immediately be placed on the waitlist.

Most courses affected will be in the ‘year-long and ongoing category’ but a few others including some new courses MAY also fall under the new arrangement at the request of the course leader and after discussion with the system administrator.

The purpose of this ‘deferred enrolment’ technique is to accommodate course requirements involving continuity(e.g. Dru Yoga) and/or maturity/skills levels (e.g. Mah Jongg) as required by the course leader.

In summary, if you enrol in a course and are immediately placed on a waitlist please do not be concerned, because the UMAS system is working as it should – just allow time for finalisation and confirmation of enrolments.