Naturaliste University of the Third Age (Inc.) was formed in 2009  in the Busselton – Dunsborough area. We are a ‘University’ in that we are like-minded people who enjoy learning and meeting together to participate in courses and other activities. We are of the ‘Third Age’ in that we are semi or fully retired with the time to enjoy learning, exploring new interests and meeting new people. We welcome all potential members to our vibrant and diverse community of learners in ‘the prime of life’.

We share our skills, interests and enthusiasms and appreciate the contribution that every current and new member brings to the mix.

Apart from our many diverse courses we offer additional opportunities to socialise and increase our knowledge such as our Topical Talks held regularly throughout the year on a range of topics, each with a guest speaker.

Our Quarterly Newsletter, The Crier is very entertaining and a great source of information about what is happening at the grassroots level within Naturaliste U3A. This is especially helpful for members who are new to the area.

The backbone of any U3A group is its Course Leaders. These people give freely of their time to present courses exploring their interests and expertise with members who are keen to learn something new, or who may want to enrich what is already an interest. These courses – some of which may be a year long, others just a few weeks – offer a range of topics and activities that allow participants to interact in a stimulating environment. Naturaliste U3A has been fortunate to have leaders who offer a wide range of courses throughout the year, ranging from those looking at environmental issues, art for pleasure, learning new languages, various forms of writing, Mah Jongg, journeys into self-discovery, Book Club – the list goes on. Leaders are starting to find that interest in their courses is ongoing, even after they are formally finished, with a number of participants excited about following up their course with informal gatherings and discussions.

The Management Committee is elected for the succeeding year at our Annual General Meeting in October. Written nominations for the positions are required to be submitted to the Secretary in advance of the meeting.

Naturaliste U3A always strives to maintain the quality of the experience we can provide for our members and the Naturaliste U3A Committee welcomes feedback on any aspect of your involvement from your experience on joining and enrolling in your chosen courses to what made you decide to join Naturaliste U3A.

Warmest regards

Colleen Liston

President- Naturaliste U3A Committee



System Admin. Don Wright – 0412 689 252 

Naturaliste U3A is run entirely by volunteers and we do not have a physical office space. Our Courses are run at various venues throughout Busselton and Dunsborough.