To view the Naturaliste U3A COVID-19 Safety Plan please click HERE

The Annual Subscription for calendar year 2020 is $25.00

The 2020 Academic Year will run from 3rd February to 11th  December 2020


It is important to note that in order for members to be covered by U3A’s Public Liability Insurance, whilst attending a course they must be financial members of U3A Naturaliste

This means that whether the course runs continually or during the Academic Year only, members must have paid their Membership Subscription before they start attending a course following enrolment


New ‘Deferred Enrolment’ Procedure for 2020. In order to provide a smoother and streamlined course enrolment process for members, a small number of courses will be subject to a new procedure called ‘deferred enrolment’.

Courses in this ‘deferred enrolment’ category will have the ‘Maximum Enrolments’ attribute set to 0.This means that everyone who enrols in the course will immediately be placed on the waitlist.

Most courses affected will be in the ‘year-long and ongoing category’ but a few others including some new courses MAY also fall under the new arrangement at the request of the course leader and after discussion with the system administrator.

The purpose of this ‘deferred enrolment’ technique is to accommodate course requirements involving continuity(e.g. Dru Yoga) and/or maturity/skills levels (e.g. Mah Jongg) as required by the course leader.

In summary, if you enrol in a course and are immediately placed on a waitlist please do not be concerned, because the UMAS system is working as it should – just allow time for finalisation and confirmation of enrolments.

New members  can use our website/UMAS for joining or, if required, you can download a Membership Application Form HERE.

If you were a Member in 2019 you DON’T need to fill out this form again this year. For assistance with joining or renewing your membership you can email Don at or call Lorraine on 0408 127 674.

New Members can join Naturaliste U3A Inc. (on UMAS – our database) by following the instructions below:

Click on the link HERE  and then select Login. Next click the second dot point in the ‘Login instructions…’ box from the login menu – ‘Joining Members click I would like to join’ and follow the instructions. Once you have entered your details click on Pay Membership and then print out the invoice and keep a copy. You will need to go out of U-MAS to your online bank account to transfer $25.00 to Naturaliste U3A’s Westpac account (BSB is 036 123 & Account Number is 378016). Please use your allocated Member Number as the bank reference. Alternatively membership can be paid by cheque to Naturaliste U3A, PO Box 1792, Busselton, 6280. Once the funds are received your membership will be validated by the Treasurer. Note that there is no capacity at present to pay through a Payment Gateway such as PayPal or Credit Card. If you need assistance to renew your membership, please call Lorraine on 0408 127 674 or email Don at

Membership Subscription for Renewing Members can be paid by direct transfer to Naturaliste U3A Westpac Account number 378016, BSB: 036 123, Reference: Your Member Number. Cheques can be sent to Naturaliste U3A, PO Box 1792, Busselton 6280. For more details click HERE

An Enrolment Form for postal application can be downloaded HERE

Our History

NATURALISTE UNIVERSITY OF THE THIRD AGE (Inc.) was formed in 2009 in the Busselton – Dunsborough area. We are a ‘University’ in that we are like-minded people who enjoy learning and meeting together to participate in courses and other activities. We are of the ‘Third Age’ in that we are semi or fully retired with the time to enjoy learning, exploring new interests and meeting new people. We welcome all potential members to our vibrant and diverse community of learners in ‘the prime of life’.

We share our skills, interests and enthusiasms and appreciate the contribution that every current and new member brings to the mix … read more.

Please note, to avoid confusion, U3A Online is a completely separate group from ours. It offers online courses, and we have put a link to them for your interest, BUT you cannot enrol in our courses through them, or vice versa.

About Membership

We currently pay $25 membership fee per calendar year which entitles a member to seek enrolment in up to five courses in both Semesters 1 and 2.
Most courses have a maximum capacity and if there is over-enrolment people will be wait-listed. Often a negotiation process is employed to endeavour to meet the needs of as many people as possible. 

Course Leaders

The backbone of any U3A group is its Course Leaders. These people give freely of their time to present courses exploring their interests and expertise with members who are keen to learn something new, or who may want to enrich what is already an interest. These courses – some of which may be a year long, others just a few weeks – offer a range of topics and activities that allow participants to interact in a stimulating environment. Naturaliste U3A has been fortunate to have leaders who offer a wide range of courses throughout the year, ranging from those looking at environmental issues, art for pleasure, learning new languages, various forms of writing, Mah Jongg, journeys into self-discovery, Book Club – the list goes on. Leaders are starting to find that interest in their courses is ongoing, even after they are formally finished, with a number of participants excited about following up their course with informal gatherings and discussions.

Management of Naturaliste University of the Third Age Inc.

A management committee is elected for the succeeding year at our Annual General Meeting in October. Written nominations for the positions are required to be submitted to the Secretary in advance of the meeting.

The Management Committee for 2019/2020 (click to see profiles)

  • President: Joan Parke
  • Vice-President and Course Coordinator: Gwyn Cracknell
  • Secretary: Deirdre Chell
  • Treasurer: Chris Masterman
  • Member and System Administrator: Don Wright
  • Member: Cathy Oldman
  • Member Lorraine Watts


As with all groups, volunteers are a very important part of the successful running of our U3A. They carry out many of the day-to-day tasks involved in the running of meetings, provision of refreshments, arranging publicity, producing the newsletter and the numerous chores that lessen the load for the committee members and course leaders.

Joining Naturaliste U3A gives you the opportunity and an outlet to develop new interests – a vital thing for us as we start leaving the workforce and have more time to do all those things put aside for ‘when we retire’, or are semi-retired. It gives a starting point for making contact with people who have similar interests – especially important for those who have recently moved to our area. It can have a considerable social spin-off as members have the opportunity to make new acquaintances and develop friendships.

Apart from our courses we have several meetings per year which feature a guest speaker (‘Topical Talks’) as well as our Annual General Meeting. The Committee is always interested in finding out the needs of our members so that we can continue to develop as an interesting, stimulating and vibrant U3A group.

Newsletter (The Crier)

Editors are Gwyn Cracknell and Joan Parke. To see current and earlier editions of Naturaliste U3A’s newsletter, The Crier, click HERE. We encourage our members to contribute to the newsletter and for newcomers it is a great source of information about what is happening at the grassroots level.This is especially helpful for members who are new to the area.